The interest for a live casino online is increasing every month, and more and more players can enjoy an almost authentic casino experience streamed online. Therefore, it was about time that a casino with a clear focus upon live casino and table games was launched.

The folks behind Codeta are casino veterans with the vision to serve customers the best live casino experience possible. The result: Codeta.

The Codeta site is unique in its design and layout where a cool theme in color black creates the feeling that this is a place with inspiration from the classic Monte Carlo and Las Vegas casinos where several different tables and games can be found.

Bonus at Codeta

All new customers get £10 extra when making the first deposit, regardless of how big the first deposit is. Additionally, Codeta offers a cashback reward based on the results for your first week.

The cashback is up to £5000 and is handed out both if you win or loose. For winners, 10% of the winnings are topped up, meaning that lucky players who win for instance £1000 can be extra happy since they will be able to withdrawal £100 extra. If losing, you will receive 10% of your losses instead.

Worth to notice is that the bonus follows without a wager requirement and hence is possible to withdrawal immediately.

Superior in Table Games

Most casinos in the UK focus a lot upon slots, bragging how wide their variety of slot machines are and always trying to push new slots to you.

Codeta has chosen to do the opposite by presenting what might be the best live casino in the world.

Working with the best live casino suppliers on the market, Codeta can offer table games with several different limits for several types of games. While other casino sites offer BlackJack and Roulette, Codeta also offers the possibility to play Casino Hold’em, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker amongst others.

Live Casino For Mobile

Of course, Codeta also offer live casino via mobile phones and tablets, and when comparing the other casino sites, the quality is surprisingly good, and the games load faster than normal. That is because Codeta has built the mobile solution and interface for table games rather than slot machines. By that, games such as Roulette are easy to play also on smaller screens.

Transparency at Codeta

The team behind Codeta are proud with their product and after playing it is easy to understand why. On their website, they state that it’s more important, to be honest, to care about the customers well being and have fast withdrawals rather than handing out temporary bonus offers and free spins just for the sake of it. Such a statement indicates that Codeta is here for the long run and that loyalty goes both ways, making Codeta to a safe casino.

The site is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and offers both UK support and the most common payment methods for British customers. To summarize, Codeta is the obvious choice for everyone who likes to play table games and enjoy an authentic casino experience streamed online.